Monday, 24 July 2017

Late payment epidemic set to cripple exports for British SMEs

For many SMEs, uncertainty around when they will get paid is all too common. More than a third of UK SMEs (38 per cent) admit to having no set payment terms with their customers, with almost a quarter (23 per cent) complaining that they regularly receive payment for invoices late. Of those receiving payments late, more than half (55 per cent) are left waiting ten days or more beyond their contracted terms.
This dire situation leaves SMEs dangerously exposed with many expecting a further squeeze as a result of Brexit uncertainty. More than one in ten (11 per cent) SMEs say they have experienced a worsening in payment terms in the last 12 months, and eight per cent are coming under further pressures as customers increase payment terms as a result of Brexit woes.Crippling exportsLate payments are also hurting UK business’ ability to trade around the world at a time when Brexit pressures mean exploring new growth opportunities is more important than ever. The findings indicate that over half a million businesses are being held back from expanding overseas due to the chronic late payment problem.It’s clear that tackling the late payment problem is key to post-Brexit success. As many as 600,000 UK businesses are unable to export due this payment crunch (12 per cent of UK SMEs1). But, with an improved payment programme, the same amount of SMEs (12 per cent) note that they would target new growth overseas.Stifling the economyCrucially, this late payment crisis doesn’t live in isolation. SMEs that do not receive payments on time often struggle to meet their own obligations further down the supply chain. The research finds 16 per cent of SMEs admit to having to delay their own payments to suppliers as a result of unstable income.This crisis hurts staff too: nearly one in ten of those surveyed (nine per cent) admit that late payments have meant that they have been challenged to meet their own payroll obligations.The findings also come against the backdrop of the introduction of new government obligations requiring large businesses to publicly report on their payment practice to suppliers, serving as a timely reminder of the need for further progress to be made in ensuring SMEs are able to receive prompt payment from customers.Tony Duggan, Crossflow Payments CEO, says, ‘There is no doubt that UK SMEs are facing a working capital crisis at the worst possible time. We face a difficult economic future as we prepare to leave the EU, so we need to find solutions for our homegrown businesses to be well placed for Brexit.‘We need to look at these new financing solutions and a fresh approach to avoid subjugating UK enterprises and putting our economy at risk. Businesses of all sizes need to address this growing crisis and explore innovative approaches offered by the alternative finance and FinTech community to sit alongside more traditional providers.’

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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Atari reveals first pictures of its new games console

Atari has revealed images of its new Ataribox, the company's first video games console in more than 20 years. The Ataribox will come in black with ribbed lines and wood paneling, a throwback to the original console released in 1977. The Ataribox will feature four USB slots, an HDMI connector and an SD card reader. Atari said the front panel could either come in wood or glass and that the company planned to launch two versions of the console: a wood edition and a black/red edition. Atari did not release any details of the internal features of the new device, but said that while it would be re-releasing classic games the console would also feature modern gaming content. Last month the company released a teaser video of the new console. The device is expected to be based on PC technology, Atari chief executive Fred Chesnais told the Gamesbeat website.Atari said there would be further updates on the new console in the coming months.Classic Atari games that could be making a return on the new console include Pac-Man, Pong, Space Invaders and Asteroids.
The company's last full release was the Atari Jaguar in 1993 before it was overtaken in the console market by rivals such as Sony, Nintendo and Sega. Atari's return to gaming devices comes after the firm filed for bankruptcy in 2013, returning a year later with a focus on mobile and casino games. 
Atari said it will be sharing details such as specs, games and pricing of the new device "step by step", asking for feedback from current fans on what they want from the console.The Ataribox is the latest device to join the revival in retro gaming in recent years following the success of Nintendo's re-launched NES Mini in 2016. Nintendo is now planning to release an SNES Mini gaming console in September, a new version of its classic 1990s device. Atari released its first console in 1977, the Atari 2600, originally called the Atari VCS. The device was controlled by a joystick and one button and is considered one of the first devices to popularise playing games using different cartridges that could be switched in and out.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Japan's zero-gravity space drone sends first pictures from ISS

Japan's space agency has released the first images taken by a drone it operates on the International Space Station (ISS). The so-called Internal Ball Camera drone was sent to take pictures and video of the work of the astronauts.The drone can float in a zero-gravity environment and is operated from earth.Dubbed a little ball of cuteness floating about in space it has been offering a window into life on the ISS. Japan's Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) said the drone was delivered to the ISS in early June. But only now have the first images and videos that it captured been released.According to the space agency, it can move "anywhere at any time via autonomous flight and record images from any angle".Its purpose is quite simply to take pictures and videos - which until now had been done by the astronauts themselves as they document their work and experiments. According to JAXA this currently "amounts to about 10% of their working hours".The images can be sent in real time back to earth and will allow "flight controllers and researchers on the ground to check the crew's work from the same viewpoint as the crew".

Monday, 17 July 2017

Shield Your Hotmail Email Account From Spam

The buyout of Hotmail by Microsoft in the year 1997 hosts been productive for both the gatherings. While Hotmail developed its client base, because of the extra administrations that were packages alongside it, Microsoft got the chance to be a pleased proprietor of a standout amongst the most well known email administrations of the present circumstances. Hotmail Support and Hotmail Customer Support administrations given by Microsoft are one-of-their-kind and could be utilized by every one of its clients as self improvement modules. When you enlist for a Hotmail account, you get the chance to pick your area name as either, or as In the wake of making it, you would get the chance to have an email account with 1GB of capacity, skydrive access (for a great deal more storage room over the web), schedule, notice standard and that's only the tip of the iceberg. You could likewise access Support for Hotmail by getting to Hotmail Help. that can be found at Hotmail's legitimate landing page. Microsoft would be relocating Hotmail to Look, thus you can anticipate a few more changes in its administration format also. Hotmail Contact Number UK is accessible to you free of cost from its official site! You can access it and look at the plain as day modules that are accessible on its landing page, or you could think of them an email, refering to your issue and how you might want to have it settled. You would then be reached with delegates from Hotmail after they have concluded a determination for you. Hotmail Support page has various most normal issues recorded.

In the event that you are short on time, have a meeting to go to, thus can't sit back on your PC to illuminate any sort of mistake with your email account (notwithstanding when you have some thought regarding it), you can likewise benefit the administrations of some outsider organization. There is an ostensible expense that these organizations charge and their costs likewise shift from each other, however the arrangements that they give as a rule have some extra appended to them that let you have the vibe of your cash being admirably spent, for example, a free PC wellbeing checkup.
Being a Microsoft-fueled administration, Outlook Support UK Windows Live Hotmail (as it is famously called) email account additionally makes utilization of your PC's firewall framework to keep it and in addition your email account protected. It is constantly prescribed to keep your firewall on for other security purposes also. In addition, getting to your Hotmail account from some open PC is likewise disheartened, in light of the fact that treats and reserve spared through that session could end up being helpful data for a programmer. You can utilize a solitary utilize code as a safety effort rather than your email secret word to get to your record from one such PC.

It's your record and you are capable to keep it secured well. Remain safe!

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

How to change Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo login

We originally wrote this story back in May, when news hit that more than 270 million email account details were being sold on Russia’s black market following a huge hack, with 24 million belonging to Gmail, 33 million to Hotmail and 40 million to Yahoo Mail users. With no way of knowing whether your email address had been affected, we advised you to change your password to avoid security implications (it's a good idea to routinely do so in any case).Since then, in September September 2016 news broke that Yahoo user account details had again been stolen, with at least 500 million user account details at risk following a 2014 data breach. And now, in December 2016, the company says one billion accounts are affected by an entirely separate data breach dating back to 2013. We strongly advise you to change your Yahoo login details, which we explain how to do so below. Plus: How to change your Gmail password; how to change your Hotmail password.
How to change your Yahoo Mail password
• Log into your Yahoo Mail account at
• Tap on the cog icon at the top right of the screen
• Choose Account info
• Select the Account security tab
• Click on Change password
• Enter a new password, re-enter it to confirm, then click Continue
How to change your Gmail password
• Head to
• Under Sign-in & security choose ‘Signing into Google’
• Under Password & sign-in method click on Password
• Log into your Google account
• Enter a new password (at least eight characters), then re-enter it and click Change password
How to change your Hotmail password
• Log into your Hotmail account at
• Tap on the cog icon at the top right of the screen
• Choose Options
• Select the first option under Managing your account for Account details

Select the Security & privacy tab
• Choose Change password under Account security
• Microsoft will verify it is you requesting to change your password: enter your email address and click Send code. When you receive the code, enter it and click Submit
• Now enter your current password, new password (at least eight characters and case-sensitive), then re-enter the password and click Save

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Facebook has revealed its work on a keyboard you can control with your mind

Facebook has developed a prototype of a system users can control with their mind.

The technology has been trialed by a patient with locked-in syndrome (LIS), a neurological disorder that leaves her trapped in her body while mentally aware but unable to communicate.An array of electrodes was implanted into the patient which record her neurons firing when she imagines moving a cursor over a digital keyboard on a screen. A silent speech interface gives her private communication using only her brainwaves. It currently functions at a speed of eight words per minute, but Facebook is aiming to increase this to 100 WPM. The company plans to roll it out for commercial use in the future.The project was on display at Facebook’s London engineering hub in the heart of the capital’s creative hub of Shoreditch. It is one of five major engineering sites around the world and the largest outside the US.Facebook's director of product Kyle McGinn was on hand to discuss the innovations developed by its London team of developers, and provide insight on the social network’s developing strategy. He also explained the Facebook approach to a topic of growing controversy: how the company responds to users at risk of suicide.The subject gained mainstream media attention following a spate of suicides streamed live on the social network. In March Facebook announced it was trialing tools that use pattern recognition algorithms to spot posts containing signs of suicidal thoughts.

"What's our responsibility when someone says they're going take their life tonight?” asked McGinn. "The best thing to do in those kinds of situations is to bring a really close-knit community of friends that you have together and into that conversation. If someone displays something like that and we detect it, we will ensure that your closest friends get very good visibility of that act, because they are the people most likely to bring you back from that position." He added that Facebook also works with organisations around the world such as the Samaritans to make sure it's easy for users to anonymously contact them for support.
Facebook innovations
The facility was divided into three separate areas. Downstairs in the “Connect” room were displays of the Safety Check system designed to show users are safe during a crisis and advertising Facebook's scheme to connect local businesses with customers. There was another display offering basic tips on how to spot fake news. Facebook has experimented with flagging fake stories, but its efforts have been criticised for failing to curb the spread of false information. Either side of the banner were demonstrations of how Facebook Live is used to create a direct dialogue with elected officials, and a video of the Aquila unmanned aerial vehicle that is based in Bridgewater. 

The drone was developed by aeronautical engineers to stay airborne for three months and deliver high-speed connectivity to remote areas of the world. There was also an enticing selection of crustless sandwiches and branded cupcakes.Upstairs in the "Experience" room, under exposed wooden beams, was a collection of instant games, the aforementioned brainwaves device and a demonstration of the Oculus VR technology it acquired for $2bn in 2014.  The Oculus Rooms team in London is developing technology to bringing people together in virtual spaces.Across the metal gangway was the final exhibition room, named "Share". It included demonstrations of the Safety Centre security and privacy features, the 360 photo and the Boomerang feature for Instagram that ties together a burst of camera shots, and AR technology that is currently under development.
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Sunday, 2 July 2017

The iPhone is ruining teenagers' sleep patterns. But it can also fix them

The iPhone has changed us in a fundamental way. Smartphones have been described as the culprit responsible for wrecking attention spans, disturbing sleep patterns and affecting eyesights. As part of our week-long coverage of the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, we consult with three experts to help us disentangle fact from fiction when it comes to how the iPhone has affected our brain, our sleep and our eyesight.WIRED talks to University of Oxford sleep researcher who has co-authored the book Sleep, a very short introduction. According to Russell Foster, The problem with smartphones is that they represent an additional delay to sleep onset. Now the group most vulnerable to this are teenagers, of course.
They are biologically predisposed to go to bed late and to get up late. But that's been hugely exaggerated over the past ten years because of the use of the internet, texting and emailing. It is sort of a compulsion, almost an addiction. And that seems to be delaying further sleep onset. It’s a sort of biological predisposition that has been enormously exaggerated. On a school night many kids are getting less than six hours every night and it's been estimated that for full cognitive performance in teenagers at that age you need about nine hours of sleep. What happens with delayed sleep onset is that their performance in schools in the morning is particularly bad. They're chronically tired. Hotmail Customer Service
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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Outlook is DOWN: Thousands of frustrated users are left unable to access emails after a huge Microsoft outage

  • The outage was first reported at around 12:00 GMT (7am ET) today 
  • One website which provides overview of outages had more than 3,600 reports
  • Users from all over the world took to social media to express their frustration

Skype and Xbox players are also having trouble logging in, although problems with these services aren't as widespreadMicrosoft Outlook is suffering a mammoth outage causing havoc for thousands of email users. There have been widespread problems reported for users trying to access the email client. Thousands of Outlook users have been hit with the error page since the issue was first reported at around 12:00 GMT (7am ET).Skype users are also having trouble logging in to the chat service and many Xbox players can't access their Xbox Live accounts.

Both are run by Microsoft, however, problems with these services aren't as widespread.  
Independent website Down Detector, which provides real-time overview of issues and outages with all kinds of services, had received over 3,600 reports this afternoon. 
Issues have been reported throughout Europe and the US.  
'Something went wrong :( The server can't sign you in right now. Please try again later', the error message on the page reads. Outlook Contact Number
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